Our main inspiration is our people, we believed that our success will be built over time because of our community and our family. Through our journey of 70+ years, we proposed integrated entities in different sectors only to please our families. In other words we are a family of businesses proposed to a family of people. Our differently natured entities are common in values which define our solid existence in the market and most especially in the people's hearts. Our values of excellence, taking initiatives and innovation created an ever-lasting warm experience related to our name till the time being.


Over the time, we succeeded in presenting tangible services across various sectors including real-estate developments, commercial-related services, constructions, trading, property management, malls, touristic investment food & beverages and soon agricultural investments. The integration between these services formed our strong existence in the market.
Our existence, success and profitability are based on our investment in people.


We invest in our people by providing the utter possibilities for them. We acknowledge their needs, wants and aims for a better future. We think, craft and create solutions for a facilitated living. On a business level, we standardize our core values to suit our people’s investment mindset.


Acknowledge the gap or the flaw in the market is a first step followed by creating separate and several modules to best solve this specific gap in our research phase. Our research reaches a fruitful phase when paired with development routines. Our shared research and development methodologies allowed us to be one of the most successful businesses in the local market. The tangibility of our ideology is illustrated in our obvious enlargements in the recent years.