Our History

In the early nineties, the world was witnessing industrial evolvement, technological innovation, and huge commercial expansions. Since the world was observing new trends and incidents, we shared the same ideology specifically in 1950 marked the first operating year for Genena group.

Our group always believed in the power and impacts of families. We have always appreciated our roots and acted upon it to propose to the world a timeless organization marked with our own family name,


Named after the family name of Greek chef Evanglos Tseppas, who crafted the pastry brand to serve the royal family and the high-end customers back in 1912. TSEPPAS proposed the most decent quality back then in French pastries to suit the royal class taste. In the 1950s, Genena group acquired the brand to present a whole new tasteful experience that merges between the quality of French pastry and the highly demanded Middle Eastern desserts. The Middle Eastern culture is attached with the dessert consumption especially during religious holidays. TSEPPAS earned the love and loyalty of its consumers as the optimum quality is always proposed and a variety of desserts is always on the shelves.
Hundred years and more and still TSEPPAS a family member who shares our memories of joy and happiness.


Step in the mall … You are in the biggest little amusing venue now. It is a vast setting where everything is reachable and attainable. It shares lots of attractions and soul-feeding vibes to make it a heart’s favorite place to go. In 1997, we had the full mall concept in mind, we believed in it and insisted on presenting it as an initiative in Egypt under the name of Genena Mall. We implemented the mall experience within the Egyptian society for the first time by combining entertainment activities, shopping practices and dining outlets including a recent vegan dining brand to be launched soon. Along the time, competitors adopted the same concept and established malls across the country. Yet, Genena mall succeeded to maintain a prudent existence in the market, it is considered as one of the earliest shopping malls in Egypt. Genena mall hosts multiple shops of different natures and experiences with its famed snow skating site. Genena mall is a remarkable mall with a distinctive nostalgic experience.

“You, me and everyone has memories there!’’