Mohamed Genena

It is a success story that turns into a heritage.

Hundred years ago, we took the initiative, became leaders and created our own timeless legacy!

An eye to the future with intentions to grow, develop and emphasize the community around.

Mohamed Genena shared these traits and applied his future-oriented mindset to create vast investment gateways for the public benefit. In fact that Genena’s aims for the benefit of the people and set them as the ultimate priority, seventy years and up till now, our creations are people oriented. He aimed to provide exquisite service for the end users, provide investment and job opportunities, boosting the Egyptian economy and raising the competition benchmarks.
Mohamed Genena always believed in a better future and the abilities of the community and himself. While sharing his own mindset of endless ambitions and ultimate excellence, he proved himself as a people-oriented businessman and determined entrepreneur. The successes achieved and the representable story of Genena was and always will be influential for generations.

Mohamed Genena - Founder